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Customer Reviews

A Fantastic Case Study
in Finding a Shipwreck

May 26, 2009
By J. Rudy "Major, USAF"

David Jourdan's "Never Forgotten: the Search and Discovery of Israel's Lost submarine Dakar" is true to its title - it is the story of the search, discovery, and documentation of the wreckage of Israel's submarine loss. For 30 years, the Mediterranean held secret the location of the Dakar, a former World War II vintage British submarine. After refitting in England, the Dakar set sail for Israel. After making thrice-daily communications for ten days, the transmissions abruptly stopped, beginning a mystery that took more than 30 years to solve. Jourdan tells the story of this amazing find. more>

A Poignant Personal
and Scientific Journey

June 29, 2009
By L. Norton (Kennebunkport Maine)

I loved this book! It combines personal history of the explorer/scientist/author and then tells of the magnificent adventure of finding the sunken INS Dakar after it had been lost for 31 years. The personal stories of the Israeli relatives and friends of the lost sailors makes the book come alive and one celebrates with and for them when it is found. This book combines a personal story of the author, a glimpse into the culture of the Israeli people and their military and a close look at the scientific approach the Nauticos leadership in concert with the Israeli military took to find the ship's remains. Once I read the first pages, I could not stop.



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A Fast Paced Mystery
June 25, 2009
By J. Gordon "Nebraska U" (Leeds, AL)

Never Forgotten is the thrilling story of a small American company's quest to find an Israeli submarine, the INS Dakar, that mysteriously disappeared in the Mediterranean thirty years earlier. The author, David Jourdan, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and the co-founder of Nauticos, a company dedicated to deep ocean exploration, weaves together an utterly fascinating and easy to follow technical detective story predicated upon a series of probable outcomes concerning the submarine's fate. But in following those hunches, Jourdan has bet the family farm, agreeing that the company would not be paid its proposed fee unless the submarine was actually found. For Nauticos, at the time, the risk was huge. more>

Michael Marcovici
(younger brother of 20-year old engineer Isaac)
I received the book and I must tell you I could not stop reading it and my eyes were full of tears. You really wrote a book that combined the history and the reality of the Dakar and the families. I thank you for the impossible mission you took and did so well. Will be for you anytime.  Thank you, Michael

Oddy Raanan
("Oded" son of the captain)
Thank you very much for sending me a copy of Never Forgotten. I find the book very interesting and I can not wait to read a copy of it in hebrew when it comes out. It is very important to the memorial of the INS and the Dakar and this book solidifies the story.

Gidi Raanan
(son of the captain)
I can honestly say I enjoyed it very much.   The book is very interesting, your writing is fluent and the reading is enjoyably, I also liked the concept of integrating and combining the history of Totem and Dakar, your personal story and Nauticos history, the three interviews and the endeavor for finding the Dakar. more>


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