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About the Book

Imagine being unable to find a massive 287-foot submarine that was lost for over 31 years, and not knowing what happened to the sixty-nine officers and crew who vigorously competed for a place on the ship. This was the problem faced by the Israeli Navy in 1996 when it invited David Jourdan and his company Nauticos to conduct the search which led to discovery in May 1999. “NEVER FORGOTTEN: The Search and Discovery of Israel’s Lost Submarine DAKAR” tells the exhilarating story of the will, endurance, and technical know-how of extraordinary people who made a lifelong impact on an entire navy and sixty-nine grieving families.

NEVER FORGOTTEN is a first-person account that grew directly from Jourdan's successful career in deep-sea searches. The narrative follows the technological quest to locate the ship, 10,000 feet deep, and then try to discover the cause of the disaster. Included is the story of the DAKAR itself, beginning with its origins as the WWII British HMS TOTEM, through its sale to Israel, and fateful voyage from which it never returned. Through all we follow the families of the lost crew, including a wife, a brother, and a son, from their pride in the DAKAR, to their horror of loss, and their closure of discovery of their loved ones’ grave site. A dramatic final chapter imagines what the crew of the doomed submarine might have been doing in the final seconds before a massive implosion snuffed out their lives.


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